Failbook - The Facebook of Fail

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This is another funny blog that lists all things related to fails on Facebook. I hope by now, everyone knows about Facebook. It is essentially the most popular social networking site that connects millions and millions users from around the world. This is where it gets interesting; many of these users post profile updates and other such content and some of it is classified as fail or in other terms they make fun of themselves or the situation they get themselves into.
Finally, I present to you some of the best Facebook Fails:


  1. I know the odds are quite high, but I have all those peoples (first) names on there, I have people on my friends list with all those name. Uh-oh

  2. god, too funny!! great find

  3. lollll that shit is funny :)

  4. I read Failbook all the time. It's much more entertaining than Facebook :\