Fiber Sculptures floating in the air

American artist Janet Echelman has created very awesome sculptures made out of plastic fibers. She has showcased her sculptures around the world in such countries as: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, India, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, and the US. I must say these awesome floating figures in space look very awesome at night under the moonlight. Would be awesome if my city had one.
Here are few examples of these floating sculptures:

Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado, USA

Civic Space Park, downtown Phoenix, Arizona, USA
 Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


  1. Beautiful! Very hallucinogenic.

  2. omg am I havng a bad trip? Tha tlooks awesome

  3. those look really cool

  4. wow that looks pretty cool.. Would like to see something like this in the UK too.