Grape + Microwave = Plasma

I'm finally back! I've finished my exams recently and I'm getting back to posting some cool material, and what can be cooler than making plasma at home from something so simple as grapes. 
Simple Explanation: Electrical discharges between the two halves of the grape vaporize the sugars and other ions in the grape causing them to combust. The continued electrical arching between the two halves of the grape may cause the combustion products to get hot enough to form plasma.
Complex Explanation: MadSci Physics Thread

You can also achieve similar plasma formation with a simple  lighted matches in the microwave


  1. wow i am intrigued to try this :3

  2. Glad ur back posting. Lol at the video, I'd still eat the grape :)

  3. Nice. But I would try this at home. I am scared that I will blow up my kitchen.

  4. whoa that's pretty cool! thanks for good info! do you think you can write something random interesting science experiment in your next blog? i'd love to come back to read and comment! :)