MLIA - My Life Is Average

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One of the most entertaining website about the average lives of other people, it contains the three things that are required to make someone's day.
1. Irony. 
2. Randomness 
3. True Life events.

Here are some examples from the website:

  • Today, I found out my great grandpa worked on the Titanic and was granted free passage on the boat to America. On the way to the boat he hit a cow, while riding a bike, and missed the boat. Yes, my entire family's life was saved by a cow. MLIA  

  • Today, I watched the music video to 'Party in the USA'. It made me proud to be Canadian. MLIA 
  • Today, I learned that a lady once said to Winston Churchill, "If you were my husband, I'd poison your tea." He replied, "And if you were my wife, I'd drink it." I wish more people insulted like that nowadays. MLIA 
  • Today I introduced my German boyfriend to my parents. My Dad asked if he was related to Hitler. MLIA 
  • Today I cooked dinner for my family. My grandma, who always finds something to complain about, said it was too dry. I made soup. MLIA 
  • Today, I realized that the ultimate chick-flick is the Wizard of Oz. It's about two women trying to kill each other over a pair of shoes. MLIA 
  • Today, it came to my attention that my school has two janitors named Mario and Luigi. MLIA 
  • I was on a bus on the way home from a marching competition when I started throwing up. About fifteen minutes later, a girl a few seats behind me started playing Justin Beiber music. The guy next to me shouted, "Shut that off! We don't want her puking again!" Made my night. MLIA 
  • Today I hear my little brother call the toilet the aquaflushy. I will never call it the toilet again. MLIA 
  • Today, my mom told me than when I was little, I walked up to a pregnant woman and said "Tsk tsk tsk. This is what you get when you eat the watermelon seeds!" and walked away. I was an awesome little kid. MLIA


  1. Those a really funny, I'll go read more on the site.