Hardest World Languages

   Lets face it in our vastly interconnected world which is mostly caused by globalization, nowadays many people know more than one language. This can be very beneficial because one can easily communicate with others when they are abroad and can pretty much find their way around that new city easily. I, myself know three languages, in which I can fluently converse; they would be: English, Ukrainian and Russian.

   If anyone is interested in learning a new language for themselves, there is a vast amount of free tutorials, videos and lessons on the internet. One great resource is book2 - a website with hundreds of free mp3s that let you learn a new language anywhere you are ("The 100 lessons help you to quickly learn and use a foreign language in various situations").

   This leads to my next point - I wanted to find out what languages would be the hardest to learn from an English speaking perspective. My search led me to this great pictograph:

via: Zidbits

I would also like to find out whether you know any other languages. If you do know another language please eave your answers in the comments section.


  1. Señor, si es facil el español.

  2. dang that's intense, I always wanted to learn more about the "Dead" languages

  3. @Barucho5
    Latin would be a great start! Its a great language to learn in order to understand many other languages.
    Tentanda via

  4. language classes are my least fav subject

  5. This is pretty accurate, however I understand that most places have Arabic one level lower on the difficulty scale than Chinese.

  6. Great infographics.... I would love to learn another language other than english. My grandfather was from poland, and at family gatherings he frequently spoke a mix of many eastern european languages. Never had the chance to learn