Money Art

money art, x-men money, 5 dollar bill
money art, canadian dollar bill, tron money
money art, canadian dollar bill, star-trek money
money art, canadian dollar bill, avatar money
Some people might call this government property defacement, other might call this an art form. I'm pretty sure many people have seen some amazing drawings that alter paper currency into an art. Be it with a slight reference to X-Men, Tron, Star Trek or Avatar all of them are awesome. But wait, this is not what this post is going to be about. An artist by the name of Dan Tague creates a different kind of money art. Unlike many money-artistes, he folds currency to align the letters on the bills so that they spell out some intriguing messages and other common sayings. The Following exhibition of this unique art form is titled: "Live Free or Die"

money art, folded money, don't tread on me
Don't Tread On Me
money art, folded money, freedom land
Freedom Land
money art, folded money, holy shit
Holy Shit
money art, folded money, lest we forget
Lest We Forget
money art, folded money, live free or die
Live Free Or Die
money art, folded money, love and hate
Love And Hate
money art, folded money, reality sucks
Reality Sucks
money art, folded money, save the coast
Save The Coast
money art, folded money, trust no one
Trust No One
money art, folded money, we need a revolution
We Need A Revolution
Two other exhibitions from Dan can be found at his website:


  1. Tron and Trust no one are my favorites :D

  2. 3rd one looks like spock :)

  3. MAGNUS FTW, awesome didnt know the dollars had so much possibilities

  4. Haha that's so cool, I love the Spock one!

  5. took me a sec to realize that those werent just crumbled bills

  6. I can totally relate. Doodling is so much fun. This is something I would do in economy class because economy is bs lol.