Weird incident that happened to me today!

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So today my city received around 10cm. of unexpected snow and some ice formation on the roads.
   Morning commute to my university was pretty slow with frequent delays in between en route.When I was getting on my final bus route that leads straight to my campus there were around 20 people waiting in line for the bus. This said bus comes to the station and people start very slowly to get on it, but there pulls up a second bus for the same route right behind it. So I just go with my instincts and board that newly arrived bus because there is no lineup for it. The bus 1 leaves the station, and the bus I boarded leaves about 30sec. afterwards. There was about 30sec. delay in between both buses. Next thing I see when my bus crosses an intersection is a big traffic jam and a stranded bus that has collided with a car in the middle of the road. This was that bus 1 that left the station about 30sec. before. Had I boarded that bus, I could of been critically injured or worse.
   My friend, jokingly asked how did I predict which bus was going to crash? To which I replied: "it was sheer luck."
   Thankfully I got to my classes on time and more importantly alive.

   Has anyone else had such experiences or similar things happen to them? I'm interested in your comments.


  1. i'm always taking the second bus with no lineup for it :) but really cool story, just be aware you aren't in final destination

  2. that's pretty wow. maybe its fate..

  3. Lucky me. I'm in Arizona and we hardly get snow :D

  4. damn, glad you werent injured

  5. Moments like this are truly unexplainable...

  6. Your Guardian Angel from the Heavens protected you :) truly a special moment