Iconic Images of our century, but with a little twist.

Here are some of the most memorable pictures of past 100 years, but there is a little something else added to them. Watch the amazing video to find out yourself:

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Scientists find that Proboscis monkeys regurgitate their food just like bovine.

The nose of a male proboscis monkey can exceed 3.9 inches (10 centimeters), and is thought to woo females.
   The first monkey that acts like a cow has been discovered - one that regurgitates to give its food another go, just as many cattle species do.


Light painting the WiFi signals

Have you ever wondered how would WiFi signal strength map look like?
Well here is an artistic depiction of just that.

"This project explores the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in urban spaces by light painting signal strength in long-exposure photographs. A four-metre long measuring rod with 80 points of light reveals cross-sections through WiFi networks using a photographic technique called light-painting."
via: Timo on Vimeo.

LCD Monitor Teardown

As you sit near your computer and stare at your screen, there are many electrical and chemical reactions occurring in order to display the images that you are seeing right now. This video will look inside the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor, show you all the components and explain exactly how it all works.

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Scientists discover the Slut-Gene

It wasn't me, it was my genes!
Has anyone heard of this excuse about silly one-night-stands or excessive promiscuity from one of your friends or partners? Well now it looks like you might be hearing this more often!
   According to a last year's study: people's inclination for sexual promiscuity lie partially in their DNA. Specifically it is a matter of a particular version of a dopamine receptor gene called DRD4. In scientific literature this gene has been associated with a wide array of behavioral tendencies and psychiatric conditions. People with this specific version of the gene exhibit "augmented anticipatory desire response to stimuli signaling dopaminergic incentives", such as food, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and opiates. The change in these specific basepairs has been loosely linked to a susceptibility for developing ADHD and other psychological traits and disorders.
   In the new study, researchers gathered a detailed history of sexual behavior and relationships from 181 young adults. They also collected DNA samples from the volunteers' cheeks and analyzed the samples for the presence of the more slutty version of DRD4.
   "What we found was that individuals with a certain variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to have a history of uncommitted sex, including one-night stands and acts of infidelity," study researcher Justin Garcia, a postdoctoral fellow at Binghamton University, State University of New York, said in a statement.
   People with the thrill-seeking gene variant were about twice as likely to report a history of one-night stands as those without the gene variant. Half of those with a love of risk imprinted in their DNA reported committing infidelity in the past, compared with 22 percent of those without the variant.
   Even though this study has established a link between a specific version of DRD4 and a tendency for sexual promiscuity, it certainly does not state cause-and-effect. In other words - not everyone with this gene will have one-night stands or commit infidelity; indeed, many people without this genotype will still have one-night stands and commit infidelity. 
   The truth remains that each one of us has a choice to make regarding our behaviors. While it’s often nice to put scientific reasoning in a box, it remains true to the field to consider all sides of the story.


Paul Laffoley Artwork

Paul Laffoley (born August 14, 1940) is a U.S. artist and architect. As an architect, Laffoley worked for 18 months on design for the World Trade Center Tower II. As a painter, his work is usually classified as visionary art or outsider art. Most of Laffoley’s pieces are painted on large canvases and combine words and imagery to depict a spiritual architecture of explanation, tackling concepts like dimensionality, time travel through hacking relativity, connecting conceptual threads shared by philosophers through the millennia, and theories about the cosmic origins of mankind.

Paul Laffoley began a highly original approach to the construction of the painted surface. Based on extensive hand written journals documenting his research, diagrams, and footnoted predecessors to various theoretical developments, Laffoley began to first organize his ideas in a format related to eastern mandalas that had captivated his interest in the spiritual. This format quickly developed into Laffoley’s three sub-groupings of work: operating Systems, psychotronic devices and lucid dreams related to them. Conceived of as “structured singularities”, Laffoley never works in series, but rather approached each project freshly, and individually.
15 Major works:
The Cosmos Falls into the Chaos as Shakti Urborosi: The Elimination of Value Systems by Spectrum Analysis (1965)


PSA: The 5 bodily fluids that transmit HIV

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In case you didn't know, here is a short and funny Public Safety Announcement about 5 bodily secretions that can transmit the HIV.

Delaware Department of Transportation stealing basketball hoops

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When I first saw this video I got very angry. I understand that maybe that pole was in some kind of bylaw violation and had to be taken down, but that out of uniform, sweater-wearing police officer outright lied and abused her power to "enforce" the law. 

- Hide yo hoops, hide yo nets and hide yo balls, cuz they be coming and snachin' yo poles up.

WiFi hacking is Legal in The Netherlands

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   According to a recent Dutch court ruling, breaking into and encrypted WiFi network is not considered to be a criminal offence. The court's decision also mentioned that piggybacking onto wireless networks at bars or hotels can not be prosecuted. In many countries around the world such actions are considered as criminal acts and are taken very seriously.
   "The ruling is linked to a case of a student who threatened to shoot down everyone at the Maerlant College in The Hague, a high school. He posted a threat on the internet message board using a WiFi connection that he broke into. The student was convicted for posting the message and sentenced to 20 hours of community service, but he was acquitted of the WiFi hacking charges."
  The court's decision is based on the mandated definition of  what is a computer. A computer is defined as a machine that deals with: the storage, processing and transmission of data. According to this same definition, a router (a piece of equipment that is responsible for encrypting and connecting computers to the internet) is not considered to be a computer and thus can be freely hacked or exploited. 
via: PCWorld


Ode to the Brain!

Up until now I would not of though that i could learn something new about the science without it being boring. But thanks to the people at Symphony of Science you can learn something new by singing along with their educational videos. Here is an entertaining and educational video about the human brain: "The brain is a very big place in a very small space"

Petite Lap Giraffes

Here is a very interesting advertisement for Direct TV. Set in a mansion of some Russian oligarch who has everything - from beautiful women to stacks of golden bars, but then you can notice he also has a small giraffe as a pet! How cool is that. I think the inclusion of this miniature giraffe is a very smart advertisement strategy. Firstly, because it is fascinating to see something so real  and intricate as a giraffe and at the same time so small that you can hold it in the palm of your hand. Secondly, it achieves a "viral" status of videos and will be viewed by many people that don't even watch TV. Now I want one of those giraffes myself.

What day it is? It's Caturday!

Todays is Caturday, so what's a better way to start it off than with some cool pictures of cats. Heres is a pack of  94 desktop wallpapers (1600x1200) of cool looking cats. Enjoy Caturday! 
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Fiber Sculptures floating in the air

American artist Janet Echelman has created very awesome sculptures made out of plastic fibers. She has showcased her sculptures around the world in such countries as: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, India, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, and the US. I must say these awesome floating figures in space look very awesome at night under the moonlight. Would be awesome if my city had one.
Here are few examples of these floating sculptures:

Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado, USA

Some music to start off the weekend!

I really like electronic music and follow a lot of artists and their releases daily. Here are some good new singles that came out recently:                                                         

The Placebo Effect

Interesting video about the effects of a simple sugar pill. Some people that are told that it is medication, will actually have a perceived or actual improvement in their condition; this phenomenon is commonly called the "placebo effect". This word come from Latin word "placebo" meaning "I will please".

via: YouTube

Best Rebecca Black Parody

So I'm pretty sure a lot of people know of Rebecca Black's video Friday. Today I was browsing around and found this one remake (and there are like millions by now) and I just outright started ROFL'ing. This video made my day, TGIF. So excited! So Funny! LoL.

And for those that haven't seen the original video; where have you people been living? under a rock or something?


Tiny Insects under Scanning Electron Microscope

Here's few awesome pictures of tiny insects blown up under SEM. You can see all the stunning little details of the insect's bodies and their appendages. They definitely look scary, even more so if they were that size in real life.

Failbook - The Facebook of Fail

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This is another funny blog that lists all things related to fails on Facebook. I hope by now, everyone knows about Facebook. It is essentially the most popular social networking site that connects millions and millions users from around the world. This is where it gets interesting; many of these users post profile updates and other such content and some of it is classified as fail or in other terms they make fun of themselves or the situation they get themselves into.
Finally, I present to you some of the best Facebook Fails:


Microsoft Kinect soon to be used in the OR

So I came across this interesting article about the use of Microsoft Kinect as an interface to control radiologic imaging in the Operating Rooms without compromising sterility of doctor's hands and wasting a lot of time.
The pilot study is currently being held at one of my city's hospitals, and it really looks promising.
via: The Globe & Mail

Weird incident that happened to me today!

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So today my city received around 10cm. of unexpected snow and some ice formation on the roads.
   Morning commute to my university was pretty slow with frequent delays in between en route.When I was getting on my final bus route that leads straight to my campus there were around 20 people waiting in line for the bus. This said bus comes to the station and people start very slowly to get on it, but there pulls up a second bus for the same route right behind it. So I just go with my instincts and board that newly arrived bus because there is no lineup for it. The bus 1 leaves the station, and the bus I boarded leaves about 30sec. afterwards. There was about 30sec. delay in between both buses. Next thing I see when my bus crosses an intersection is a big traffic jam and a stranded bus that has collided with a car in the middle of the road. This was that bus 1 that left the station about 30sec. before. Had I boarded that bus, I could of been critically injured or worse.
   My friend, jokingly asked how did I predict which bus was going to crash? To which I replied: "it was sheer luck."
   Thankfully I got to my classes on time and more importantly alive.

   Has anyone else had such experiences or similar things happen to them? I'm interested in your comments.


Texts From Last Night

This is a regularly updated blog with a collection of text messages sent in by their users. The texts tend to be funny to outright bad and thus are categorized under: "Bad Night" or "Good Night"

So I will post some of the "Best Nights of All Time" quotes:

Ice formation from an artistic perspective

More similar promo videos can be found via http://proxell.tv/

Short film about kids at an abandoned nuclear power plant.

Chernokids (english subtitles) from Les Chernokids on Vimeo.

More videos can be found at http://www.supinfocom.org/promo/


DIY Scanning Electron Microscope

Now this is an exceptional DIY project if you have enough time and disposable income

More about this project can be found at: http://benkrasnow.blogspot.com/2011/03/diy-scanning-electron-microscope.html

Sometimes one driver can vastly improve traffic!

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Traffic science at its best. An excellent theory on how to avoid traffic jams.

The more in depth explanation on the traffic theory can be found at http://trafficwaves.org/

Baby is Happy and Scared at the same time

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This little guy is scared and amused at the same time by his mom's nose-blowing sounds.

Awesome Timelapse of New York City

An astonishing timelapse video of New York City set to music by Dredg - "down to the cellar". With all the awesome structures of NYC revealed, the city is seen in a serene beauty of still images superimposed onto each other.  Enjoy!

Cats with thumbs? Whats next, birds with arms?


Home-made vagina for about $10 [Funny]

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Can you find recent movies that were filmed in your area?


100 Years of Set Locations