Paul Laffoley Artwork

Paul Laffoley (born August 14, 1940) is a U.S. artist and architect. As an architect, Laffoley worked for 18 months on design for the World Trade Center Tower II. As a painter, his work is usually classified as visionary art or outsider art. Most of Laffoley’s pieces are painted on large canvases and combine words and imagery to depict a spiritual architecture of explanation, tackling concepts like dimensionality, time travel through hacking relativity, connecting conceptual threads shared by philosophers through the millennia, and theories about the cosmic origins of mankind.

Paul Laffoley began a highly original approach to the construction of the painted surface. Based on extensive hand written journals documenting his research, diagrams, and footnoted predecessors to various theoretical developments, Laffoley began to first organize his ideas in a format related to eastern mandalas that had captivated his interest in the spiritual. This format quickly developed into Laffoley’s three sub-groupings of work: operating Systems, psychotronic devices and lucid dreams related to them. Conceived of as “structured singularities”, Laffoley never works in series, but rather approached each project freshly, and individually.
15 Major works:
The Cosmos Falls into the Chaos as Shakti Urborosi: The Elimination of Value Systems by Spectrum Analysis (1965)

Utopia: The Suspension between the Possible and the Impossible (1973)
Get Thee Behind Me, Satan (1974–1983)

Temporality: The Great Within of the Universe (1974)
Black-White Hole: the Force of the History of the Universe to Produce Total Non-Existence (1976)

The Orgone Motor (1982)
Color Breathing (1983)
Thanaton III: Extraterrestrial Communication Portal (1989)
Geochronmechane: The Time Machine from the Earth (1990)
It Came From Beneath Space: Lucid Dream Number 52 (1991)
The Alchemy of Breathing (1992)
The Fetal Dream of Life into Death (2001–02)
Pickman's Mephitic Models (2004)
The Physically Alive Structured Environment: The Bauharoque (2004)
Cosmogenesis To Christogenesis (2005)


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